Ocean Force represents a number of well established players in the Marine - Technical Supply Industry. Our priority is to meet the high demands of your fleet by responding in time at your requests, providing the best and the most cost effective solutions.

We are able to provide products from manufacturers with decades of experience, having most of the parts on stock, enabling us to dispatch with limited notice. Ocean Force guarantees reliable purchases, as sourced products are manufactured in compliance with industry highest standards, and made by row materials of exceptional properties.

Our Scope of Supply:

Ocean Force Scope of supply, is concentrated on the following four categories of Equipment:

  • Oil Purifiers/Separators
  • Air & Refrigeration Compressors
  • Pumps
  • Plate Heat Exchangers

Our product list includes a range of OEM and OEM Equivalent parts, which can easily be replaced and withstand the same loads as the ones made by the original manufacturer. All delivered parts undergo before delivery, rigorous quality test s, ensuring their compliance with the highest industry standards.

We are also in position to quote for complete reconditioned units, that come with relevant guarantees. Reconditioning is done by our respected Principals, at their own in house fully equipped Workshops.

We have chosen to be your special contact point when searching for specific products, and this is the reason why we focus only on four categories of equipment ,and we will remain like this.

In case you are reading the above statements and some questions are arising, please feel free to contact us, and we will be more than happy to assist you, both if it is about a specific request for Quotation or even a general question.